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I feel like at times we forget and under-appreciate our family to a point, not intentionally, of taking them granted due to our everyday busy distracted lives. We are in a world where the “let me take care of me first” is encouraged and along the way we’ve slowly managed to divorce our families from our lives. 


Why is family important?

A family is a perfect illustration of the Power Of Numbers. Each family member has a level of experience and expertise that is unique to each one and the sum of the parts equals the whole. “No man is an island.” Life would be very difficult to navigate going solo. There’s a saying, “If you wanna go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!”

“If you wanna go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!”

What does having a family provide?

For me, it provides security, motivation, and love. Naturally we seek to belong and to be accepted by our peers, so our ‘biological’ families automatically have this expectation attached by default. In reality though, not all families function this way. Plenty have come from a broken family and still long to belong to one. You are very blessed if you belong to a healthy family because you have this strong sense of surety that “I can do anything!” You have the confidence that if you have setbacks then your family will help you up. You can count on them when you are feeling hopeless. Family is powerful.

“You can count on them (family) when you are feeling hopeless. Family is powerful…”

How does our family affect our future?

You may come from a dysfunctional or healthy family but the bottom line is that you have a choice to choose your family. The right members and the right family for you matters! The dynamic of your family will shape the trajectory of your life.

May we belong to a family that will love us unwaveringly. May we find a family that inspires us everyday to be better and to dream bigger. May we grow a family that will embrace others and that also wants more out of life.

Let’s step back and reflect on where we are. Have you been putting off reestablishing broken family relationships? Are you holding on to relationships that need to end? Are you ready to be part of a family that you deserve? May the desires of your heart be granted. 

Make your family matter!

Jennifer Meim

Jennifer Meim

Creative Director

Jennifer Meim is a Graphic Designer who works with Entrepreneurs to transfer their vision into fruition. Jennifer has a natural gift of being in tuned with her clients to understand and to see their vision. For at least a decade, Jennifer have supported and worked closely with founders and CEOs to launch their ideas from table talks to tangibles. Jennifer is a self-taught designer, and continuously strive to learn especially with new technologies. Her creative soul and genuine love for people makes her one of the most approachable, dependable, and trustworthy designers in San Diego.

social media post jennifer meim

social media post jennifer meim

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